Care & Maintenance


*Always co-wash and condition your virgin hair extensions prior to installing*

  • Wash in cool water
  • When washing your hair extension do not massage or twist the hair
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner
  • Do not apply conditioner to areas where the extensions are attached
  • After washing, allow to air dry (don’t roll or rub hair into a towel)
2-3 bundles are needed for a full weave depending on desired fullness. Hairstyles 18’ or longer require 3 bundles for a full weave.
Virgin human hair is distinct, and no two heads of hair are exactly alike. Our pictures are meant to provide you with a general idea of our textures. When you place an order with us you will notice that there will be some variation between our pictures and that of the hair you receive. This is not avoidable nor should it be. It is part of buying and wearing luxury virgin hair. Our hair is beautiful and unique, just like you!
Native Diamond Collection supplies unprocessed virgin hair and it comes in natural shades of 1B (off black). If you choose to color the hair, it holds permanent, semi-permanent, lifts, and cellophane beautifully! Coloring by a professional stylist is highly recommended. Since it is human hair there can be a variation of tone in the bundles/products you receive. Please be advised that upon shipment of any order we do our part in always attempting to send the best match available!